To move again

January 22, 2018

The itch becomes the scratch with the subtlest provocation.

Far to the right I weep as doors rot shut and young leaves sprout in a father’s boot not yet and never met.

One breath jerks forward some bag of bones, throwing all into a self made maze inspired by these stones these chips of rock these…those amongst us never seen till light shines dim and oh so painfully bright.



January 19, 2018

Some might say

this silence deafens

But then again

the worldly listen

Some might not

with baited breath

Each turn is taken 

in weakness standing

Daily Prompt- Shock

January 18, 2018


With unfortunate regards my day goes on

an inability to apologise for your misfortune through circumstance not unwillingness.

The conversation barely falters

at this point the topic runs of his own volition 

coasting for the sake of avoiding standstill


Back of the page

January 15, 2018

Unable to move on after a single day 
we realise life is a 

collection of days. With subtle ferocity 

my memory of you started before you arrived, that warmth and sudden chill

hitting me in waves through every moment

i’ve known my self. Skipping the echoes or like and quant waves serves only to

highlight this gap. Hole is too sad of a word. Every time i write

it’s you ok the back of my page.

Repost – Beginnings 

January 14, 2018

Originally posted 20th December 2015, first poem put on the Tinderbox! My hangover likes reading it back.


Those who have found the little death so many times

In whom there is nothing left to kill

Begin the search to create life

That they may die once more in new and expected ways

Devoutly following the revival of ancient myth

Burning the hastily scribbled notes of some previous reincarnation

Who could believe they have worth?

The ink in those dog eared pages smudged by a fool in folly

They must start from scratch

Or risk standing still as deep water



Evoke – daily prompt

January 13, 2018

Dust drifts at movement perceived

this light flickers 

shifting in her own beam

playful, evoke dissatisfaction

she rests only when we settle


Tweak of mind

January 11, 2018

This call to arms

Guards! Guards! 

Stirs old hopes of wit and charm 

When proof had yet to fade 

Watered down, pigment aged

His strength returned with 

Memory masked

Then patched 

And with grief did pass

Found some colour

January 6, 2018

Warhol I’m really sorry…possibly my worst doodle ever.

Today I’m not 

January 6, 2018

With wit in mind the first handful of earth is released.

A comforting strike setting stages ablaze one week late

forgetting old aquantances.

Addressing this I throw my life five years forward, where unfavourable views soften as deep lines form and briefly I am convinced

yet the week in hand grows heavier still.

Today I’m not proud.

Viable (daily prompt)

January 4, 2018

Derivative happenstance sets firm feet in well trod clay

another signpost to the heroes journey sweet in it’s path

viable for all to be unknowingly sucked down and guide the way again.